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Since the foundation, JIAOZUO DEBON TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been dedicated to the development of industrial rubber, polyurethane, wear resistant ceramic, etc. Our offering covers wear-resistant rubber, fire-retardant rubber, acid/alkali resistant rubber, various kinds of polyurethane sheets and polyurethane products, alumina ceramic, zirconia ceramic and other special wear resistant ceramics, belt conveyor accessories and service.


  • 15 years rich experience in belt conveyor solutions.

  • newly-developed rubber, polyurethane products as well as wear resistant ceramics meet all your demands.

  • advanced equipment and technology make sure perfect products.

  • strict QC guarantee high quality of each item.

  • skillful personnel offer professional service.

  • top-level management ensure stable operation.

Concentration and profession, that is why more than one thousand clients rely on us.

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