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Factors Affecting Wear Resistance of Pulley Lagging

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  Texture of material

  The material of rubber is an important factor to ensure the abrasion resistance of roller rubber. The performance parameters of rubber affect the quality of rubber coating. Therefore, it is necessary to select rubber varieties that meet the conditions of industry and mining. The main rubber coating in the market is divided into imported rubber and domestic rubber, most of which are domestic rubber for general industry and mining conditions, while most of them are imported high resistance for poor industry and mining conditions Rubber plate.

  Adhesion degree

  In the use process of the roller, it is often affected by the long-term friction and centripetal force. If the selected adhesive can not effectively bond, it will cause the roller to degumme in advance, resulting in the shutdown of the system.


  The selected manufacturer must have good field analysis and construction ability. According to the actual situation, rubber plates with different thickness, hardness and wear resistance are selected, which often results in excessive wear and tear of encasement rubber.

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